Kashyap Bhatt
President / Inventor


About Us:


During 1985 to 1987 consecutive three years drought in most of the states in India that destroyed valuable livestock that motivated Canada based Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Kashyap Bhatt to develop solar powered portable greenhouse to grow green fodder round the year. In 1987 the first prototype was built in India and since then research and development continued to create automatic system that can grow various crops under controlled climatic conditions in +50° Celsius to -50° Celsius ambient temperature.

Our "STATE OF THE ART", US & Canadian patented solar & wind powered portable greenhouse justifies its need for the countries having shortage of agriculture land, water, electricity and / or having adverse climatic conditions to grow field crops due to global warming.

Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc. is the manufacturer of Indian, US and Canadian patented solar photovoltaic and wind powered portable and fixed structure greenhouses. Our eco-friendly and self sufficient greenhouses are capable of growing organic crops. We believe this revolutionary technology is the key to fighting drought, starvation and famine across the world in the most cost efficient way.

Our achievements:

  • In 1989 first commercial Hydro Fodder Farm was sold in India with the State Bank of India Bank Finance

  • In 1994, We are winners of the "Market Entry for Energy Efficient Technology" (MEET) of Ontario Ministry of Environment & Energy, Canada. Our technology is proved user and environmentally friendly.

  • Technology received US & Canadian patents.

  • In 2009, we are winners of the "Development Marketplace" DM2009 global competition of the World Bank,

  • Our technology qualifies for CDM funds and Carbon Credits.

  • Our turn-key projects are techno-economically viable for the bank finance in absence of any grants or subsidies available from local governments