Development Marketplace
                     Project No: 4561

Promoting innovation, the Development Marketplace (DM) is a partnership of various donor groups and investors in the development community and local entrepreneurs to find creative solutions to poverty reduction and development. The primary means for identifying and investing in potential projects is through global and country/regional marketplaces or competitions. Problem-solving entrepreneurs with innovative, poverty fighting ideas compete annually for early-stage seed money to promote small-scale development projects intended to bring concrete benefits to their communities. The winners of the competitions are then linked with partners who have the resources to help them implement their proposals. Since 1998, the DM has invested more than $34M in over 800 projects from around the globe.

DM2009: Project Summaries - Sub-theme 2


Finalists, sponsors, and visitors borrowed Flip camcorders at the Development Marketplace 2009 event to record what went on. View the DM 2009 Channel on YouTube to see these videos and many more.