Gallery - India


1987 - World's first solar powered portable greenhouse was a major break through for drought affected areas of India
and other countries


1989 - First commercial "Hydro Fodder Farm" GF1000 producing 1000 kg barley fodder per day at Pratap Stud Farm, Gujarat
which was financed by State Bank of India & inaugurated by Mr. L. G. Kulkarni CGM, SBI, Gujarat region


Mr. L. G. Kulkarni, CGM, Shri M.K. Rajendrasinhji of Idar, Mr. Trivedi GM, Mr. B. D. Bhatt, Chairman of Greenfield, Media reporters                                                    


Inauguration                                                    Understanding 3 days growth of grass            Hydroponics Tomatoes grown in stones                            



Race horse and foal enjoying hydroponics fodder at the Pratap Stud Farm 4 days growth of hydroponics barley fodder


Economics Time                                                    Performance letter                                        State Bank of India's finance


Dr. P. C. Shukla M.V.Sc. (Animal Nutrition); PG (FRCVS) Denmark, Retired Additional Director,

Gujarat State Animal Husbandry Department, Government of Gujarat, monitoring performance of hydroponically grown maize fodder


Model GF60 producing 60 kg fodder per day    Dr. Shukla measuring height of 8th day's growth........Fodder ready to go


Maize hydroponics fodder 1:6.5 growth            Roots and seed structure free of mould

                                                                    Hydroponics maize fodder fed to goat & sheep heard


2005- Visit of Mr. Bhawar Puri, Chief General Manager, National Agriculture & Rural development Bank,

Gujarat Region and agriculture officers of other nationalized banks.

Mr. Bhawar Puri CGM, National Agriculture & Rural Development Bank inaugurating Micro Finance Model GF60 growing 60 kg fodder

Mr. Kashyap Bhatt Inventor of the technology explaining hydroponics concept, solar modules producing electricity for rural areas


Mr. Puri addressing the media reporters         Mr. Bhatt & Mr. Puri answering questions of the reporters


2006 - WorldVision donated solar & wind powered Model GF120 "Hydro Fodder Farm" to  the Tribal Milk Producer's Society in Dahod District, Gujarat

Solar modules and wind mill producing electricity for Model GF120                                Solar/wind powered Ozone water purification system      Training of the tribal women

Training includes cleaning of edible grain used in hydroponics unit to harvesting of maize fodder feeding to the livestock                Model Gf120 with full growth cycle of 6 days


Micro Finance unit Model GF120 feeds 4 cattle and 2 buffaloes                                Electric milk testing machine pays farmers accurately        

Letter from His Excellency Dr. A. P. J. Kalam, President of India


2006 - Indian Veterinary Research Institute - 4th-5th September, 2006 - two days of seminar on hydroponics fodder
production based on our US & Canadian patented solar & wind powered portable "Hydro Fodder Farm"


Dr. Kusumakar Sharma, Head & Director CAS, Division of Animal Nutrition IVRI, Izatnagar with participants.Kashyap Bhatt, Inventor &
President of Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc, Canada & AquGreen Biotech Pvt. Ltd., India  and Dr. Dipti Rai of Aurvet Foundation
were invited in two days technical seminar organized by IVRI on Gateway for Sustainable Animal Production System through Hydroponics
Fodder Production System in which  Dr. A. K. Verma, Sr. Scientist, IVRI, Dr. Sahoo, Principal Scientist IVRI, All Heads of Animal Nutrition
Department from many Vet. Colleges, BIAF, Dr. Subhash Parnerkar of Aanand Agricultural University and other officers were present and
have found our solar & wind powered Hydro Fodder Farm system techno-economically viable compare to Australian & other global suppliers
of hydroponics fodder producing units working on 110/220 volt power.


Project report was prepared by the participants for the Department of Bio Technology (DBT), Government of India proposing to install Greenfield's
hydroponics fodder units from Kashmir to Kanya kumari in all climatic zones of India.