Commercial Reforestation Projects



" Hydro Forest Farm"

GREENFIELD'S Principle of Sustainable Development:

The context within which the forestry sector will operate into 21st century is dominated by three major factors: Increasing international competition; a changing resource base at international level; growing public demands for environmentally friendly forestry products and practices. In helping respond to these challenges Greenfield will be guided by the principle of sustainable development.

Since the United Nations commissioned the Brundtland report entitled "Our Common Future" (1984) more and more citizens hold the view that the environment, with all its bountiful natural resources, is not just a marvellous asset inheritance held in trust for future generations.

Sustainable development is a way of looking at the world in a long-term perspective from both an environmental and economic point of view. It requires managing the impact of human activities to avoid prejudicing the forest's ecological diversity, productivity and renewal capacity. The concept of sustainable forest development encompasses the notion of sustained timber yield, but is broader to include the flow of other values such as wildlife and fisheries habitats, watersheds and hydrological cycles, gene pools and species diversity.


The world of forestry is changing very quickly. New understanding and new values, new technologies and new business relates are all forcing changes are on us whether we like it or not. There is little we can take for granted. But one thing we can be sure of is that these times of transition will not be easy.

Every nation is concerned about the future of their forests as never before. There is a rapidly-growing concern for the natural environment and an increasing understanding that the forests protect the integrity of our atmosphere, provide us shelter, cleans and control our fresh water supply, provide recreation and sustain our ecosystem. We are in no mood to see these values endangered.

At the same time, however, it is dawning on general public just how important the forest industry is for the national economy. It does not only provide valuable raw material but also provides employment and creates hundreds of jobs and help strengthen the national economy. Nation can be saved from trade deficits by producing sufficient amount of forest products and avoid imports.

Greenfield's role in forestry:

We at GREENFIELD are here to protect the forest, to represent and support the forest sector, and assist and to speak in government for citizens and citizen groups that are involved and concerned about the future of the forests.

As the forest industry moves more into the ream of not just cutting trees, but of growing them as well, new needs develop. Tree nurseries, for instance, are becoming as much a part of forest industry as logging crews. But nurseries have problems too. Some problems start at the root level. For instance, seedling has to be done at the plantation site. It is an expensive exercise to do seedling in the area where sufficient water is available for nursery and then to transfer the seedling trays for miles. Transportation of plants has it's own pitfalls. The root plug is then unprotected and tends to break apart.

At GREENFIELD we have developed a project that can solves all the problems of tree farming for forestry. We provide complete turnkey project in various sizes to meet with your needs. Solar photovoltaic powered greenhouse produces its own electricity, uses minimum water and provides the controlled environment for seedling round the year. Totally self-sufficient unit with automatic control system for irrigation, lighting for photosynthesis and temperature for ensuring the optimum growing conditions.

After the root structure is developed the treys will be moved to growing area, solar photovoltaic powered shade house and will be placed on the transportation carts till the monsoon arrives.

Re plantation can be done only after certain amount of moisture is build up in the forest soil. Potting and planting can be done manually, which can be a part of social forestry program to generate employment for women mainly in the rural areas.

GF1000 model can produce up to 1 million seedlings per year.

A mobile factory to produce trees, round the year.

Users of the " Hydro Forest Farm "

  • Government,

  • Forest department for reforestation program,

  • Producers of Commercial Seedlings

  • Logging industry,

  • Nursery,

  • NGO, etc.