"Hydro Baby Greens"

Fight Cancer with Broccoli Sprouts

Solar Photovoltaic powered

Portable greenhouse " Hydro Baby Greens " - Model GF1000

Debut: Gathered at the public opening of the greenhouse are (from left) Robert Rutherford of the Canadian Embassy; Edward Stanfield, President of Edrich Farms; Douglas Wolinski of Edrich Farms; Kashyap Bhatt president and inventor of Greenfield Hydroponics Systems; Manuel Ellenbogen of the Canadian Embassy; Edward Stanfield III, vice president of Edrich Farms & Richard Stanfield treasurer of Edrich Farms, Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. (The Baltimore Sun, Feb. 11, 1998)

Edrich Farms Inc. has received Organic Certification for this sprout operation from Department of Agriculture, State of Maryland, U.S.A.


Mung beans, Mixed beans, Lentil and other assorted types of bean sprouts, Broccoli, Alfalfa and other leafy sprouts



Salad Bar

Dr. Paul Talalay, researcher at Johns Hopkins University Medical School has determined that broccoli sprouts contain high concentrations of sulforaphane, an organic compound that spurs cells to produce cancer-blocking enzymes.

In the Hinduism, Rugg-vedas and Aayur-vedas, the religious books written over 5000 years back, has given importance to sprouts of barley, and mung beans as lifesaver.

We have developed portable greenhouse for growing sprouted beans in a greenhouse environment. You will certainly appreciate the effectiveness of greenhouse cultivation and of producing and supplying fresh green sprouts which can be grown throughout the entire year, is low in fat, high in fibres, hygienic, highly nutritious, rich in energy and a good of essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids.

In our greenhouse we use only freshwater, which is recycled for 24 hours. Hydroponically grown sprout is also free of dust and other agriculturally related contaminants and toxins. "Hydro Baby Greens" is grown in an environmentally controlled, fully automatic greenhouse and is capable of sprouting broccoli, alfalfa, barley, buckwheat, clover, corn, cress, white bean, kidney bean, lentil, mung bean, oats, pea, Soya bean, sunflower, wheat etc.

A Turnkey project is available for commercial production of sprouts.

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