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Solar Photovoltaic modules

Solar photo voltaic modules

In recent years due to the global warming, many countries have been affected by water shortages , drought and adverse climatic conditions. As well, most villages in these countries have no dependable electricity supply. These shortcomings have greatly hindered agricultural development in many rural areas. The Portable greenhouse, which works on the principal of hydroponics, can meet a developing country's ever-growing demand for fresh vegetables and animal fodder. At the same time the Portable greenhouse can actually reduce demand on present water and electricity requirements. In the countries with limited land, the housing needs for growing population and industrialization in urban areas is using up agriculture land near the cities and has forced agriculture sector to move in the rural areas or has created dependency on the import of agricultural products.

The portable greenhouse is made of fibreglass or metal and insulated with polyurethane or glass wool. The inner walls are made water resistant. The greenhouse model GF1000 measures 35' long by 10' wide by 10' high. Portable greenhouse uses 350 square feet of waste land and produces green grass equivalent of 25 acres of agricultural land. The greenhouse has fixed windows made of ploy carbonate sheets on three sides. Poly carbonate has 90% light transmission capacity and outstanding heat deflection properties. During the day this area receives full sun light for photosynthesis. At night, artificial light is provided by fluorescent lights so that photosynthesis, and therefore, optimum growth, takes place. The number and positioning of the plastic trays which hold the plants can be varied according to the crop to be grown. In GF1000 model "Hydro Fodder Farm" to grow fodder and "Hydro Forest Farm" 600 trays and in "Hydro Baby Greens" 500 trays are provided. Watering is provided either by sprinkler or drip irrigation, depending on the crop. The Portable greenhouse has one door for the access. The operation of the water pump, environmental control system and fluorescent lights is regulated automatically with a timer/sensor switch so that all three systems work economically and efficiently. We recycle water for 24 hours. The electricity required to operate greenhouse is produced by Solar photo voltaic modules and stored in a battery bank for non sunny time of the day(s). This portable greenhouse is also available in 110 / 220 Volt where heating system is provided

 Cross section of    cattle eating fresh fodder   Horse enjoy eating fresh barley fodder     cattle eating fresh fodder

Cross section of greenhouse------------------Horse and cattle loves fresh barley & oats grass--------------

Bean sprouts sold at IGA grocery store---------------------Broccoli sprouts

Sprouts sold at IGA   Broccoli sprouts  

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Hydro Forest Farm

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